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CNC machining
AutoTemper Cubic

Save power and achieve power efficiency. Excellent thermal insulation and a powerful heater make speedy heating possible. You will hear the buzzer when heat processing is over.
■Use for: Portable Small Batch Temper Furnace


Compact and high maintainability. It solves entanglement issues and helps improve work efficiency. It will make it possible to build the complete manufacturing line with the spring machines, Auto Temper and the parts catchers.
■Use for: Shaker hearth small tempering furnace connected to spring machine

AutoTemper Clean

Compared to our conventional products, the performance and function are more improved! This is the basic model with advanced heat treatment that made the quality of products stable and improve maintainability. Furthermore, by mounting special options, it reduces the amount of heat escaping, cleans the exhaust such as oil and smoke, and saves the energy. It can achieve, both, the environmental performance and quality of the products.
■Use for: Small tempering furnace with belt conveyor


It controls rotation of 6-12 divided boxes by setting the counter or the timer. It helps to subdivide each lot and is especially useful for the QC of those that are easily tangled or easy to deform. It makes unmanned operation possible during the night.
■Use for: Rotary type small products, Parts subdividing equipment

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