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About Us

Since 1981, SMI has been producing precision components in a wide range of materials including Alloy steels, Stainless Steels, Aluminum, as well as exotic material such as Titanium, Inconel using the latest in CNC Machining and manufacturing technologies.

SMI CA, Inc. is located in Southern California and can be an extension of your manufacturing operations. Our engineers and technicians are dedicated to helping you increase the quality of your products, reduce costs, and get them to the market quickly. Applications range from aerospace, defense, medical, automotive, optical device, industrial products, and telecom/electronics.


Our Mission

The mission of SMI is to provide quality contract machining and manufacturing services, on time, at a competitive price, to meet the expectations of 'World Class' manufacturing partners.

SMI precision machining processes are based on a quality team approach that begins at our facilities and extends into the long-term relationships with our customers. Our machinists and technicians are highly skilled and personally committed to upholding your reputation as a top-quality manufacturer.

At SMI, we firmly believe in uncompromising integrity in parts and partnerships, pride in workmanship, and unparalleled total service. You can be absolutely assured of receiving the highest quality parts and services.

Precision, Quality and Reliability

Quality is the SMI way of life. SMI engineers build quality into every facet of our operation and into every one of our parts. We're extremely proud of the outstanding quality performance records we've maintained with our partner-customers.

SMI has undertaken a comprehensive ISO 9001 quality program. Our California facility is AS9100D: ISO 9001-2015 certified by NSF-ISR.

With computer-based Quality Assurance processes and a quality-conscious work force, SMI is ready to meet the challenge of your toughest component parts. We are problem-solving resource you can count on for quality parts of all sizes and tolerances.

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